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A Man's Beard

A Man's Love

One Man's Story: A Beard Full of Love
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A Man's Story of Love as Told by Growing a Beard
At the beginning of the semester my girlfriend went to Madrid for the semester.

As a show of good faith, of solidarity, of love, affection, and devotion, I am growing a beard to repel women while my gal is away.

The rules are this: No shaving of the beard until my girlfriend returns, with the following conditions: A) obviously, if she leaves me it's gone. B) if she is repelled by me even across the ocean, it is gone C) if I need to interview or something that is important for my life to continue, it is gone and D) if I just get really sick of this, yeah I guess it's gone.

The plan is to take a picture each day to track the growth of the beard, and document the eventual shaving.

May the beard off begin!